OK, this is my B-17 F Flying Fortress bomber. I have began assembling this very fine ARTF (ARF) I purchased from China. It is very cose to scale and beautiful!

Motor installed.

Plenty of wires and tubes exiting from the wing roots!

Strings are built into the model to make pull throughs easy (motor wires and so on)

Tail surfaces with servos installed under ply plates.

Some of the retract kit parts and tailwheel parts.

Here you can see the resin parts pertaining to guns etc. They are already weathered!

This view shows the retractable tailwheel box which,after minor assembly is simply bolted into the tailwheel retract bay.

I opted to use these Sullivan Skylite wheels instead of the (a bit small) one supplied in the kit.

These are the four motors to fly this beast with 40 amp ESC's, driving scale 3 blade propellors as per real thing did.

The model comes with this excellent dash/ cockpit floor with 2 superbly made and painted pilot figures.

General view of parts laid out

Fresh out of the very well made packaging boxes (2)


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